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At the start of 2002, we put into drive our dream of building a premium ground transportation company capable of exceeding all of our clients’ demands. Judging from our clients’ response, we have made this dream a reality.

A major reason for our success is our company’s philosophy. At Onyx LA, we believe that you should not be pleasantly surprised when your expectations have been met - our goal is to constantly exceed those expectations. From the first phone call into our office, to the conclusion of your trip, and any fine-tuning of details in between, you will find our staff extremely friendly and accommodating. Each team member is trained not only to provide exactly what you asked for, but to bring to your attention requests that might add to your enjoyment of the trip.

Another reason for our success is that we know the difference between a “driver” and a “chauffeur.” At Onyx LA, we go to great lengths to hire and retain some of the best chauffeurs in the industry. Each chauffeur undergoes a rigorous initial training program followed by continuous educational meetings, so you can be assured of having a chauffeur well versed in etiquette and discretion. And with an average fleet age under two years, you will find all of our vehicles mechanically sound and immaculately detailed.

Lastly, at Onyx LA, we realized how valuable your time is and we treat this with the highest respect. We are very aware how important it is that your vehicle is always on time, ready to take you to your next destination. Therefore, if your vehicle fails to arrive at the scheduled pick up location at the requested time, we will provide the service complimentary. Whether an airport transfer, a shopping excursion, or a trip to Las Vegas, the trip is on us. An over the top guarantee? Not really. Rather, we hope this promise brings you the peace of mind so rarely enjoyed in this industry. At Onyx LA, our mission is to bring you certainty in an uncertain world.

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